Welcome, my name is Chris Taylor (Hurricane Seven): Christian Minister, Graphic Artist, Songwriter, Speaker, Film Maker, Researcher, Recording Artist, and currently earning my Bachelor of Arts/Bible & Theology at Tyndale Theological Seminary & Biblical Institute.

I’m the principal Host/Producer/Director of the podcast “Don’t Let Them Burn”. The upcoming documentary film “The Alien Deception: Entertainment Front Lines” is directed and produced by me. I cover controversial topics such as the hidden agendas coming out of Hollywood and the entertainment industry, Bible Prophecy, superheroes, transhumanism, Emergent Technologies, and more. The primary purpose of this ministry is to expose darkness and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world.

As for public speaking, I’ve delivered presentations at churches, giving my testimony about the life I once lived and my career as an ambitious musician. I withdrew from my career thirteen years ago to re-establish and fortify a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ. I have presented also the topics that I cover these days at my local Church in Vegas, Sunrise Bible Church, under the leadership of Pastor Billy Crone, where I’m interning.

Some of our past guests include:

Billy Crone
Carl Teichrib
Donald Perkins
Dr. Thomas Ice
Eric Barger
Derek and Sharon Gilbert
Kevin Shrum
William Ramsey
The late Doc Marquis
Gary Wayne
L.A. Marzulli
Mike Spaulding

and more

Teachings and documentary features:

Billy Crone’s
World Religions, Cults, and the Occult
Hybrids Super Soldiers and the Coming Genetic Apocalypse

I’ve also appeared on popular podcasts like:

Through the Black
Chad Schafer: Disputed Lands
The Weekend Vigilante
Remnant Radio Network
Canary Cry Radio
Mike Spaulding: Soaring Eagle Radio
Prophecy Brothers

As a Graphic Artist, I’ve also created promotional artwork and video production for well-known speakers and organizations like Billy Crone of “Get a Life Media,” Doug Stauffer, Hear the Watchmen, and more.