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Destroying the Image of God Part 2: Sexual Purity Part 1

Destroying the Image of God Part 2: Sexual Purity Part 1

Tonight we continue with our series about the image of God. We live in a world of double standards, a world of gray made by the world system, traditions, and culture of entertainment. For many people it’s a struggle to align their lives with the word of God and what it says about the sexual nature of man. Is it possible to remain pure in the sight of our Lord and Savior? Or have we all bought into the lies that have been thrown at us in movies, songs, or the words that people speak from their own wicked hearts? We’ll go from Genesis to the New Testament to see what the word of God says about sexual purity. Are you ready to be challenged in your walk? Because some consequences are eternal, and some are going to haunt you in your life before you see the Lord or get delivered from bondage.

There’s an image of God that we have in our heads that might not be who God really is. We must weigh everything: Our concepts, beliefs, and way of life up against the Word of God and our living King Jesus Christ. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. The Prince of Peace and Righteous Judge, which is coming back to rule and reign forever. He is Holy, He is Holy, He is Holy!

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