Destroying the Image of God Part 4: Addictions

Destroying the Image of God Part 4: Addictions

The world is addicted to many things. What are you addicted to? Is it drugs, sex, food, violence? We live in a fallen world, a cursed world with a sin nature that only one person can fix, Jesus Christ. Our addictions are simply the symptoms of what our hearts desire, symptoms of what we’ve been introduced to, and have a hard time to letting go of. In this part of our series, you might be surprised to where some of these addictive things stem back to, you might also be surprised to what the bible has to say, clearly.

Are you grieving God? Are you looking for deliverance from bondage that you just can’t get loose from? Well, they are answers to your questions. A standard that God has for every believer. A definitive path to pursue. Don’t miss the mark by continually opening the door to bondage that many don’t escape from.

There’s an image of God that we have in our heads that might not be who God really is. We must weigh everything: Our concepts, beliefs, and way of life up against the Word of God and our living King Jesus Christ. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. The Prince of Peace and Righteous Judge, which is coming back to rule and reign forever. He is Holy, He is Holy, He is Holy!

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