Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review – Nephilim Hybrids, False Gods, New Age and Mysticism Exposed

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review – Nephilim Hybrids, False Gods, New Age and Mysticism Exposed

Welcome to our review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

For those of you that don’t know about Guardians of the Galaxy, this is a series from Marvel comics that is directly connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe; movies like “The Avengers”, “Iron Man”, “Captain America”, and so on. It’s also tied to “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” and “Agent Carter”. It’s a story about a Human Hybrid or Nephilim (named Peter Quill also known as Star Lord that gets taken from Earth to some part of the galaxy and becomes a bandit with a space gang known as the Ravagers. Later he joins with another team of thieves and assassins, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora one of the daughters of Thanos the mad Titan, a genetically altered raccoon named rocket who loves death and violence, and also an Ent named Groot. They form the Guardians of the Galaxy to defeat a common threat.

The Ent named Groot was reincarnated at the end of the first guardians movie, he’s simply now known as Baby Groot. If you truly understand the idea of Karma also known as Reincarnation, this is widespread throughout eastern religions. It has to do with being born perfect, getting it all wrong along the way, then coming back to get it right, as many times as you have to. The Gurus or God men of the Hindu faith supposedly have gotten it right. It’s a shame that they still can’t stop their aging, or inevitable deaths.

So, in this movie we find the Hero’s battling inter-dimensional monsters and interesting foes that I’ll break down a bit for you in a second. Now, as usual I’m going to point out some of the obvious schemes, and some of the subliminal aspects that some might not be aware of.

The movie opens up with Star Lord’s dad, an alien being masked in human flesh, romancing an Earth woman (Star Lord’s mom) then it’s revealed that while he’s romancing her, he has a seed growing on the planet that will lead to its peril if allowed to later on in the movie.
The first antagonist of this film is called the Sovereign, a race of gold skinned beings that genetically modify the DNA of their people who are grown for whatever purpose deemed by them. It’s the same concept you’ll find in Man of Steel and other Sci-fi films and TV series like “Fringe”. It’s also a way to predicatively program viewers for a society based on these concepts in the future. After all, this is being talked about in modern day science and biological circles today.

One of the Sovereign’s High Priestess tells Quill that he has an unorthodox genealogy, a hybrid. This is the same concept in Genesis 6, when the sons of God came unto the daughters of men and bore Giants (Nephilim).

Another thing to look at, is the technology of the Sovereign, they use drones that are remotely piloted to keep them out of harm’s way while they deliver a deadly barrage of death and carnage from a long distance, while people in the war room cheer like they’re in an arcade. If this sounds familiar to you, this is what’s being done now with America’s military using reaper drones. This will practice when fully visualized and implemented will advance warfare applications as we move into the realities of brain controlled robots, drones, virtual reality and other devices.

The sexual jokes in this movie are ubiquitous throughout and are just not appropriate for a young audience, but I guess parents still think that PG-13 movies are safe enough. But in reality they are just as bad as some R-rated movies of the past.

So, peter quills father show’s up in his human suit to finally meet his son. His father by the way is called Ego, the living Planet. He woke up, as a living brain that formed a planet around itself after learning how to manipulate matter with thousands of years of practice. The planet also has a face crafted into its surface as you can see from a farther distance. He then created life on the planet he built around himself, created a humanoid body for his consciousness to travel the galaxy for exploration. He’s one of the Celestials from Marvels pantheon of godlike beings that are reminiscent of the Titans in Greek Mythology, a lesser God. They are thought to have seeded planets with life, you can find proof of this in comic books like Earth X, Paradise X and so on. So Ego didn’t seed any planets with life like the idea of Panspermia, but he did leave some seeds on each planet that he visited for his ultimate goal.

Next we are introduced to an Empath, someone that can read emotions or manipulate emotions by touch. Why is this important? Well, in the occult and fringe science you’ll find development of these techniques and they are ungodly, I’ll just leave it at that.

When Star Lord’s dad EGO brings him and some of the members of the group to the Egos’ planet which is a planet no larger than Earth’s moon. The song playing is My Sweet Lord by George Harrison from the Late 60’s, which is really a song about Hare Krishna, it was made to the deceive the Christian church to sing a song about a Hindu Consciousness as the song subtly switched from Hallelujah, to Hare Krishna, my sweet Lord in the original record. In the movie this transition wasn’t made, but it put you in the mood of feeling that this Ego is like a God or the consciousness thereof, but he’s not the God of the bible. The planet looked like a paradise and was very colorful, somewhat psychedelic.

Ego, after telling Star Lord about his true nature as a demi-god then shows him how to manipulate matter by closing his eyes and concentrating to harness the power of the light. Sort of like concentrating the Chi, spark of divinity or the force, from witchcraft, Buddhism, Hinduism and the Kabbalah just to name a few belief systems. These Eastern religious ideas are enforced when Star Lord’s dad gives him the ultimate enlightenment when he touches his third eye, the Pineal gland, or the middle of his forehead. This is where Star Lord sees what is eternity. This can be interpreted in two ways. Either he sees the literal expanse of eternity, or he’s talking about the living being that makes up what we call eternity. Either way, this method of awakening is the same thing that happened in Doctor Strange, when the Ancient One touches his forehead opening his third eye and knocks his souls out of his body in order for him to believe.

Near the third act of the movie Yondu the genetically enhanced blue humanoid, Rocket, and Baby Groot play out their plan of escape from the people who betrayed Yondu. The way that this is orchestrated to me, looked like a celebration of death as Yondu releases his brain controlled drone arrow that shreds through everyone and anything like butter. As they complete their plan in the control room of the ship they are on, Yondu and Rocket finish unleashing a barrage of gunfire and death by mental archery with laughs that would make the devil blush. In case you are wondering, this is ungodly and sadistic.

Ego reveals that he has figured out his ultimate purpose, that is, everything has to die until ALL becomes him. This will happen by erupting his seeds on the many planets that he has planted them on, then he and his son star lord will rule the galaxy together. This concept might be taken from the Lurianic Kabbalah where their version of god, Adam Kadmon will reconstitute the upper world and the lost sparks of god’s light. Which will then restore to Adam Kadmon, and god will be all in all. It’s also revealed that when ego went to many other planets he bore children, like in Mormonism. It’s also revealed that Star Lord is the only one of his sons that carried the God gene, and this is why he is favored because he is not a mistake. The rest of the sons were murdered by his father, plus he also planted the cancer in his mother who died in front of him when he was very young.

Overall the movie is entertaining and never lets up, even though it wasn’t as ground breaking as the first film. It sets up some possible outcomes for future marvel movies. You can see this in 1 of the 5 end credit scenes where the Sovereign’s High Priestess reveals that she has a new genetically modified weapon to fight the guardians. She names the new creation Adam. This is referring to Adam Warlock a Christ like figure who is directly connected to the infinity stones and the infinity gauntlet in the comic book series where Thanos the mad titan uses the gauntlet to become the ultimate god in order to please his love for death incarnate, a female presence that is hard to win over by having just share power. I don’t know if this is how it will play out in the future Avengers movie, we’ll just have to wait and see.

This concludes our review for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. If we missed any important details, let us know in the comment section.

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