Hottest Topics of 2016 and the Things They Don’t Want You to Know

Hottest Topics of 2016 and the Things They Don’t Want You to Know

2016 was a very interesting year, even up to the last few days. So picking up from where we left off last week, we’ll be giving a rundown on the topics that where very significant. The reality of human animal hybrids, Fukushima, spiritual darkness in Hollywood, world events and more. The spiritual climate around the world is as insane and confusing as it is for many reasons. Is there anything that the people, or spirits behind the curtain are holding back from you? Are there things hidden in plain sight that they don’t want you to know? We’ll discuss this and more to night.

Don’t Let Them Burn!

Collapse of Venezuela
Brexit (now other countries like Italy are trying to get out)
Government collected the most taxes in history
California Legalizes child prostitution
Forced vaccinations planned starting in California
Canada Legalizes certain forms of Bestiality
Death of justice Scalia goes by without any real investigation ( no autopsy)
People stood up against the federal government ceasing land, they eventually backed off
People investigating Hillary end up dead.
Rise of Earth Quakes worldwide
Sexual Genders (gender confusion)
Bayer moves to buy out Monsanto
Obama Transgender bathrooms/ Target losing 10 Billion because of bathrooms
Church silent about homosexuality becoming legal, and transsexual issues
Darkness in Entertainment (Flash, Gotham, Batman VS Superman, X-Men Apocalypse,
Year that virtual reality exploded, and augmented reality
Facebook and twitter finding more ways to censor conservatives


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