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Lisa Haven – What Lies in Secret, the Shocking Info that You Should Know

Lisa Haven – What Lies in Secret, the Shocking Info that You Should Know

Tonight’s guest Lisa Haven will help to guide you through some of the decision making that have gone on in the background that most of people don’t know about. If there were ever a time in modern history for people to wake up, it is now. Join us tonight as we go through a web of information that might have you thinking harder about the world we live in, and your eternal destiny. We’ll talk about modern tech, secret agendas, government cover-ups, and the craziest election year in the history of America. What does this all mean for you? Are there secrets that the kings of the earth don’t want you to know? As our country slips into an ocean of confusion and indifference, we see a new day on the horizon, where will you stand in the “New World”?

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