Orlando Prophecy Summit 2015 – Day One

Orlando Prophecy Summit 2015 Day One:

March 5-7 at the 2015 Orlando Prophecy Conference hosted by Prophecy in the News was an interesting time. The three of us traveled from Miami with no expectations. We were only hoping to meet some personalities that we listen to and watch, and of course, we were hoping to sit through some seminars.

We arrived a bit late Thursday afternoon after the conference started but were prepared with T-shirts and business cards bearing the brand of our ministry. Once we entered the area of the Hyatt Regency, the building and its interior reminded us of some sort of Sci-Fi movie relating to how great and tall the hallways were. Upon entering the section of the hotel where the conference was held, people took quick notice of our promotional shirts. Some read it as “Don’t Burn” which helped us to perceive success in the double meaning of our logo design which actually reads “Don’t Let Them Burn”.

Don’t Let Them Burn T-Shirt


Don't Let Them Burn Business Cards
Don’t Let Them Burn Business Cards


As stated before, we had a late arrival, so our first seminar was called “How to Walk Victoriously & Overcome in the Last Days” by Paul McGuire. Although we caught the last 5 minutes of it, there was still a sense of urgency and something epic was being said alongside the obvious glorification of our Lord Jesus Christ. The next seminar was “New Findings in Biblical Archeology” by Bob Cornuke who presented his research on where the real location of the Jewish Temple was. Facts of his research were based from the Bible, Jewish Historian Josephus and Roman historical records and illustrations. The evidence seems solid, but Mr. Cornuke and his team still have some more exploration to go in their research.

Bob Cornuke and his partner


During the evening which was break time, we ran into Pastor Billy Crone (who noticed our shirts). He is known for his “Final Countdown” series displayed on YouTube. His presence was not different in personality stature or demeanor. We explained how much his teachings have influenced our ministry, and he told us about his passion for young men with a call on their lives to serve God. We then gave him some promotional items then headed to find some good food.

Here’s where things get a bit more interesting. We didn’t want to pay for parking twice so we decided to catch the next bus. Most of us walked with debit cards, and didn’t have enough change to pay the fare (we actually had no idea what it was in the first place). We were blessed that the bus driver let us ride for a smaller fair which we were all thankful for. We were looking for the area with all the restaurants, but only to find out it was in the opposite direction. Time was short so we decided to be let off at Denny’s, a place of which we weren’t too fond. Upon entering we were greeted by a very kind middle aged waitress with a familiar accent. As we were seating, Brother Rory asked her where she was from and she stated Ukraine. He informed her that he knew about the history of the war that went on there. She told a bit of her story and immediately got emotional about it, but rushed to place our order. Upon her return she told a bit more, and in the middle of that it became a chance to witness about the love of God. We advised her to let go of the pain of the past, and pointed out that God has her in a better place so that maybe she should write a book about it to tell her story. Our thoughts were concluded to be a divine appointment, feeling great to have spread the gospel.

After dinner, we then moved quickly back to the hotel where we met Doc Marquis who turned out to be very kind and welcoming. We promised we would be there for his next seminar, then we asked him a question that we were going to pose to a few people. “Do you think that the American Church will be driven underground?” he said… if need be, God will protect his own.

We then rushed to see “Trans-humanism and the Gods of Final Science ” by Russ Dizdar, we were excited to hear what he had to present, but we found out that he couldn’t make it because of some personal issues. The replacement speaker turned out to be Jeff Swanson who wrote The Plan Bible. It “demonstrates the divine origin of the Bible by placing every verse in order by time: Past, Present and Future.” He gave an overview of The Pre, Mid, and Post tribulation rapture theories, and showed scriptural basis for all of them which opened up our minds in a way that became an “a-ha!” moment. We think you should check it out!

One of Jeff’s PowerPoint slides


Immediately after that we went out to Jeff’s table and hung out for a bit with him and his partner Scott. We traded our experiences about the rapture and the end times and started building a great relationship. That was the end of day one for us. Let us know what you think about our experience so far with your comments below.

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