Orlando Prophecy Summit 2015 – Day Three

Orlando Prophecy Summit 2015 – Day Three

We started the day at Brent Miller’s Presentation “Fires from Heaven: New Evidence of Man’s Demise” which was giving a lot of scientific facts and theories pointing out the solar flares that could have whipped out life on earth or plummeted civilization into a new dark age. He also spoke about the volcano under the Atlantic Ocean. If or when it erupts, it could be the object like a great mountain talked about in the book of Revelation because the destruction it would cause.

Rev 8:8-9 Then the second angel sounded: And something like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown into the sea, and a third of the sea became blood. 9 And a third of the living creatures in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed…

He spoke about many more things, and then wrapped up with a word of hope for true believers.


Brent Miller
Brent Miller

From there we went walking around and saw a man that was complementing our shirts each day. To our surprise he pulled Chris to the side and gave him one of his books! His name is William E. Males author of “The Eight Beast” a book that surely deserves some attention. We also happened to meet a few more team members form Pastor Billy’s ministry; William, Reid and his wife. We talked for a good while sharing testimonies and building an unexpected relationship that we’ll explain a little later.

The Eight Beast by William E. Males
The Eight Beast by William E. Males

The next seminar we decided to enter was Pastor Billy Crone: “The Vatican & The Last Days Deception” I thought that I was ready for this because I had learned a few things in the past two years regarding the subject, especially the thing about the Vatican wanting baptize aliens from space, and their obsession with wanting the whole world to believe in Aliens (demons) form another galaxy.

L.U.C.I.F.E.R. Telescope
L.U.C.I.F.E.R. Telescope

Theological madness

E.T. Saviors

The message was hard hitting and we had to comfort the sweet lady next to us that was very disturbed by a lot of that was being said, the proof was solid and irrefutable. We reminded her that Jesus is on the throne. One of the evidence that shocked a lot of people was how the Vatican is slowly taking over the Protestant Church in America. Here’s a quote from what was revealed in the video that Pastor Billy shared where Kenneth Copeland invited Jesuit Pope Francis via video stream and Bishop Tony Palmer to speak at his conference.

Catholic Bishop Tony Palmer

Bishop Tony Palmer “We now preach the same gospel. The word ‘alone’ was the argument for 500 years. The word ‘alone’ is there, you can read it yourself. The protest is over… …If there is no more protest, why are there Protestants? Maybe we’re all Catholics now.”

I urge you to search for the video on youtube.

Pastor Billy closed in prayer after giving reassuring words that Jesus will not forsake us. Worried about her kids, the same lady revealed to us after, that she heard in the news the night before that the President announced that he federalized the police force in 6 U.S. Cities. This is critical and an overreach of constitutional authority in order to give the government more control over our population. She also heard about South Carolina schools wanting to take the U.S. flag out and put in a more religious inclusive flag. All of these stories have been confirmed.

Pastor Billy Crone Seminar 2

We asked her to sit with us through the next seminar since it was being held in the same room. Paul McGuire: “The Coming global economic Armageddon” we told her she would gain even more knowledge and even more comfort from this speaker. Paul came out and gave an unexpected testimony about his salvation. He also talked about R.F.I.D chips and how fast the technology has advanced, tattoos with implanted chips and so on. Again, the sense of urgency was in the air. He said that he asked many wealthy Christian friends what their secret for financial sustenance was. They all gave the same answer “take it to the Lord”. He ended in prayer and everyone walked out with a better understanding or better yet, a re-enforcement of who the Source is.

Paul McGuire

Afterwards we went out to meet with Pastor Billy’s team again; Their Video editor Reid gave us a bag of DVDs to take home and share with people. After they took a look at our websites the conversation went in many great directions, it was then that we got a chance to meet with Pastor Billy again where we shared more stories and testimonies for about 20 minutes. As Pastor Billy hurled away to be interviewed we were invited to dinner by his video editor. We couldn’t refuse a good meal, but had one more seminar to attend before that.

Get a Life Ministries
Get a Life Ministries

We went and saw Bill Salus “Nuclear Showdown in Iran; Ancient Prophecy of Elam” he gave a rundown about what’s going on in the Middle East, and what it means for Bible prophecy. He created a fictional book that’s described:

“Missiles cloud Mideast skies over the Persian Gulf. Iran shuts down the Strait of Hormuz. Arab oil is choked off to world markets. Hezbollah and Hamas launch scores of missiles into Israel. Terror cells initiate cycles of violence in America. Global economies begin to collapse.”

Bill Salus
Bill Salus

There were also a lot of other great speakers; however, we were not able to see them all because they were speaking simultaneously in other rooms (3 in total). We were able to hear a lot of information from some of the other people who went into these sessions. All in all the prophecy conference was very powerful.

That was the end of the conference for us, but we made it to dinner with our new found family at Get a Life Ministries. The only disappointing thing about the conference was, there were hardly any young people there. The ones that need to hear are not aware. This needs to change, but it will only change if our churches turn back to God and start to impact our country the way it should. The hand of God was all over our visit to this wonderful event. We are looking forward to the Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit in Colorado Springs later this year.

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  1. William E. Males

    Hey guys, thanks for the mention of my book, The Eighth Beast. Just wanted everyone to know it is still available to read for free online still @ theeighthbeast.com

    Stay on fire and unburnable!!

    Live for the King!



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