Orlando Prophecy Summit 2015 – Day Two

Orlando Prophecy Summit 2015 Day Two

Our first seminar on Friday was with Doc Moquis “Dictators of the Illuminati” the same title of his DVD. This was a very well thought out and illustrated presentation showing how all the dictators of the past and present have followed the Illuminati’s 7 part plan to destabilize nations and bring us under a one world government governed by a world dictator, the Antichrist who will also follow the 7 Point plan. Evidence of this is in the Bible. He gave solid evidence of present world leaders who are using this plan to bring in the New World Order.

Doc Moquis


Illuminati 7 Point Plan


We moved on to mingle with a few people and ran into Dr. Ted Broer from healthmasters.com, one of the best speakers on health and nutrition. We also ran into Doug Haggman from the Haggmann and Hagmann Report a live Christian broadcast on Blogtalkradio. After meeting him we stopped by Doc Marquise’s table to view the Illuminati Playing Cards. These cards are very rare and they systematically tell you what these evil Luciferians are up to. The kick is that these playing cards were printed in the 80’s, way before a lot of their plans came together in reality. We saw a presentation of these cards on youtube, so if you are interested, we suggest you take a look. We finally met up with Joe Haggmann before going to the next seminar.

Pastor Billy Crone: “Why Won’t My Pastor Teach on Bible Prophecy”. He got straight to the point right after prayer and the usual jokes which he uses to lighten the mood while delivering the true message. He gave verse after verse out of the book of Revelation and other books of the Bible showing the hope that true Christians have. Also he explained the blessings we get from just reading the book that reveals who the coming King is and what his new Kingdom will be like. (Rev: 2:1-3 2 Timothy: 4:34 Rev 21: 1-4 1 Cor: 2:9 Rev: 20 1-4 Isaiah 65:20 Isaiah 11: 8-9 Romans 8 Rev: 19: 1-9) At the end, he presented a video about the two guys who raised a lion, then had to put him out into the wild preservation because it was too dangerous to keep the lion on the grounds where he was raised. They decided to visit the lion years later to behold that the lion never forgot them, and greeted them with great joy and zealousness. Pastor Billy Crone used the video to illustrate from the Bible Isaiah 11: 8-9 where it says

“The nursing child shall play by the cobra’s hole,
And the weaned child shall put his hand in the viper’s den.
They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain,
For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord
As the waters cover the sea.”

Needless to say, the crowd was moved. He then reminded those in the crowd who weren’t saved to accept Christ while they still had time, then ended in prayer.

Pastor Billy Crone: Summit 1


Next was Dr. Jonathan Matusitz “Islamist Supremacism in America”. This man was on point with his execution and education about what is really going on in the Middle East and the Salafism (Islamic Revival) already in the U.S. (and other countries) that is systematically infiltrating on many fronts. He urged the crowd to be aware and determined to protect our nation and educate others before its too late. So, in light of that, I urge you the reader to check out his materials on the subject.


Jonathan Matusitz
Jonathan Matusitz

We then went to sit down and rest a little and ended up having some fellowship with Katy, one of the team members of Pastor Billy’s “Get a Life Ministries”, we shared promotional items, shared testimonies, and talked about the current state of America, we got to know quite a bit about their missions.

Get a Life Ministries Staff


Later we wanted to see Chris Putnam, but we ended up seeing Johnathan Cahn, as he spoke about “Things to Come: the Shemitah’s Harbinger & What Lies Ahead” we caught the last half an hour, but what was being presented had a lot of people on the edge of their seats, and the presence of anticipation was thick. He laid out date after date, event after event than landed in sequential order than couldn’t be refuted. He then gave a glimpse of things to come without being overly dogmatic about it. Again, the sense of urgency was in the air. Before he ended he gave a blessing over the crowd in Jewish and then in English. He then led everyone in prayer and urged the lost to accept Jesus as their Lord. Afterwards, the crowd flooded his tables for autographs and book signings. We then realized that we weren’t going to get to meet him, so we pressed on to the hotel for the night and went to go and get some shut-eye.

Johnathan Cahn

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