Pull Them Form the Fire Pt 2 – The Spiritual Foundations of Music

Pull Them Form the Fire Pt 2

Join us as we continue our discussion, warning young people and parents about the spiritual deception within entertainment. A lot of people see where it’s headed, but many more haven’t woken up to this deception. We’ll delve deep into the music industry and the foundations of music, while using the Word of God to shine a light on the darkness that must be exposed. We take a journey from Heaven to the landscape of modern pop culture so that you can get a better understanding.

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Contained in this program:

Hip-Hop as a religion, some of it’s origins
Kanye West and his Blasphemy
Understanding the culture
The Music Industry
Yoga’s influence on music
Christian Yoga
Parental control over what comes in the house
The Dangers of Video Games
Video Game addiction violence
Cell phone gaming
Jesus Christ is Lord
Lil Wayne
2015 Grammys and Devil Horns

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