Satanic Dances Exposed!

Satanic Dances exposed!

The April and Wayne Show have produced this great Expose “Satanic Illuminati Dances Exposed! and more!”. In this video you’ll see the spirit behind a lot of popular satanic dances in the hip-hop sub-culture. Some of these artist will admit with their own mouths, that they are using occult techniques, and dealing with foul spirits.

Some of the dances featured in this video are; Krump, Tutting, Turfing, and Flexing. You’ll see some of the origins of these dances that go as far back as Egypt.

This informative look into the world of urban dance (which a lot of youths are drawn to) will amplify your awareness as a young adult or parent. Some of the biggest stars have hired some of these dancers to go on tour, and also feature them in many of their music videos and commercials, offering something unique and strange.

Now, I don’t believe any real Christian will be in hell like someone’s “vision” suggests in this video, but everything else is on point.

Prepare to be enlightened, and express yourself in the comment section below.

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